Welcome to Doug’s Lamp & Shade Store

 Ambience, beauty, charm, drama. These words describe the effect you can achieve when you select just the right type of lighting for any room in your home. And you can create any of those moods – and more – when you visit Doug’s Lamp & Shade Store in Tallahassee. 

You’ll be delighted when you see the vast selection of lamps and shades. From simple to elaborate, whether you’re lighting your entire home or just need a lamp as an accent piece, you’ll find the area’s largest selection here at Doug’s Lamp & Shade Store. 

Your Lighting Solutions 

Maybe you want something totally unique and are looking for a truly personal one-of-a-kind lighting. Our talented staff has the knowledge and expertise to take a treasured object of yours and transform it into a lamp or lighting fixture. 

Our entire staff at Doug’s Lamp & Shade has years of hands-on experience. We are committed to providing you the best in customer service. You can feel confident that you will find the finest and products and unique solutions to your specific needs. 

Doug’s Lamp & Shades Offers Lamp/Lighting Repairs 

If you have some type of lighting that is in need of repair, here again, our experience is extensive and we can help you with everything from polishing brass lamps, to fixture restoration, to rewiring and more. In addition, we’re more than happy to help you size a lampshade for a lamp you may currently own. 

Our personal guarantee to you is that you will be extremely satisfied with each lighting fixture as well as the customer service you receive. Give us a call at 850-222-1423. We look forward to meeting you and fulfill your lighting needs.